About Us

Pastor John Prasad is the founding Pastor of Aids Global Children Ministries and in State of Andhra Pradesh, Tuni - 533401, Anuru, E.G.Dist. INDIA,

He is man of God ordained and anointed to preach and teach the uncompromising word of God with passion and zeal. He ministers the living word of God with depths of wisdom and understanding that never leaves his hearers the same.  

He is a dedicated and disciplined servant of God. Not only is he passionate about reaching the unsaved with the gospel, he is particularly burdened to see that believers are solidly rooted in Christ, fervent, and living a productive, fulfilling and victorious life to God’s glory.

He is a visionary and dynamic leader who believes that everybody has a potential and has something to offer. His inspiring messages challenge people to do and be their best at all times. Through his anointed preaching and teachings, many lives have been and are still being touched, blessed and changed to the glory of God.

He is a man of the Spirit and to him, it is the power of God that makes the difference. Our Pastor John Prasad has been Pastoring this Ministries churches, At the beginning. In the Fall of 2001. Reaching out with  God’s Love.

He is married to sister Hephzibah and they’re blessed with two children. Abhishek and Alex.
What is AGCM?
By the grace God Vision and Founded Aids Global Children Ministries in 2001, and we registered in 2007. Registered number is 142. The Aids Global Children Ministry seeks to facilitate Cares orphans and HIV Aids people and pastors Evangelism to the unreached areas in India. We began out of conviction that "Where there is no Gospel vision the people. Therefore Go and Make disciples of all the nations and Preach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you(Matthew 28:19-20). We as a group of committed men and women of God, by the help of the Holy Ghost determined to reach the un reached with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, Our faith and ministry is absolutely based on the word of God, Jesus called out to them, "Come, be My Disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people, the kingdom of Heaven is near everyone and we are preaching amazing Good news to everyone. "It has promoted us to name it's as Aids Global Children Ministry. We totally depend on the Lord for all the aspects of our ministry. We look to the Lord to work in and through us and trust for all our needs. Aids Global children Ministry desires to have an active membership praying the supporting orphanage and people for the extension of the coming kingdom of God.
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