Pastor John and Gary and Satish Gary

Our Beloved  Brothers and Sister in Chrsit!

I like to take the privilege of introducing me myself as Gary, one of the supporters of A.G.C.M. India, of Pastor John. It is my pleasure to say that Pastor John is a Humble, Honest and Sincere follower of our Lord God and can be trusted. I have personally visited three times him and his ministry in India. After visiting his ministries, verifying the Accounts Books and living with him and his family I witness him as a committed man of God’s service. I am heart fully recommending him and his mission JGCM as worth full for your support. A.G.C.M children’s homes need huge support! So if anyone likes to know my personal experience and reference about His ministries please do not hesitate to contact me. John and the children need our support. Please let we and our ministry join Hand in Hand to extend our full sufficient support every month to the needy destitute children of the JGCM and its Widows. We stand together with Bro. John Prasad in his God’s call and wonderful vision and humanitarian work. Bro. John is a prefect person and his ministry is growing day by day in the shade of the Cross. I thank you and our Almighty God for your support.

Note:- To avoid un-necessary disturbances to me and Pastor John & JGCM, I am not giving my Email ID here with. If any one wants to contact me please ask Pastor John for my ID, he will give you without fail. 

Yours truly in Christ,

"The Lord spoke to me to start this JGCM for people in ministry who need help resources, and encouragement. And biblically-based encouragement. Now, more than ever, it is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will raise up a new generation of powerful ministers to take the message of salvation and healing around the globe. Join us now as a member."

We Preach to All Unreached Areas!

We are ministering around in India with Love of God. We are reaching many villages.

My Brothers and Sisters, please Join us together to go to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to around the world. Daily our God says to us, we have to go and tell his people around the world what God has done in us. We are not only preach in our churches or in Ministries and we should plan to start new churches and we take new time to build the word of God in people hearts. Everyone should know about Jesus Christ………………………………..

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