AGCM Ministries

God has Gifted and Called us into His Ministry. 
Come and plant yourself at AGCM and discover your Assignment in God.

Praise & Worship....Go Deeper in God
We desire to provide an atmosphere for a genuine worship experience, to celebrate God’s glory. The Spirit of the Lord is our worship leader who brings us into an intimate time of worship with our Father. There will be shouts of joy, tears of gratefulness along with prophetic songs that will direct and lead us into intimacy with the Lord.

The Word
The Word of God is the Will of God. His Word is Living and Powerful; It can move mountains and change our hearts. When our Heart Beliefs are changed then our lives are changed. At FLC the Holy Spirit is using the Word of God to enable us to Think, Speak and Act like Christ.

Reaching Out Teams
FLC is dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and setting the captives free. Can you hear the sound of the nations calling? Can you hear the cry of the hurting and the lost? Do you hear the Voice of One calling "who shall go for us?" The Lord has touched us to touch others, changed us to change others, healed us to heal others, fed us to feed others, sheltered us to shelter others, saved us to save others. Join us in the great commission to change and impact lives through the Love of Christ. 

 Life Men & Women
Why are you here? What can you do? What can you have? Where are you going? Discovering your Purpose and God given Assignment changes your life. God has gifted you to bring Life to others which helps you live an Abundant Life with Purpose.


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