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Our Supporting to Pastors

Our A.G.C.M
Ministries is currently helping around 56 Pastors and leaders working in  our villages. These are men whom we know personally and who have proved their trustworthiness.

In most cases, it is very difficult for them to find any local or indigenous means of support. In some cases, they oversee a large ministry which costs a lot of money to maintain.

These men have dedicated their lives to the Lord’s service and are committed to proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples. They appreciate our monthly support and prayer, our encouragement and any practical assistance that we can offer.

operates a separate fund for each of the pastors and leaders whom we support regularly. We also draw from our General Fund to assist with needs known to us. This includes ministry costs, and medical and educational expenses.

2,000 years of resistance to the Gospel. Until Now.

Over a billion people. The fastest growing nation on earth. More than 2,500 people groups. Speaking 1,600 languages & dialects.

Because India is hurting...

  • 70% of the population is functionally illiterate
  • 86% of the population lives on less than $2.50 a day
  • Over 740 million Indians live in rural, impoverished villages
  • 35% of school-aged children are not attending school
  • The centuries-old caste system still condemns hundreds of millions of "low caste" Indians to a life of degrading labor and social invisibility

Because India is seeking...

  • 412 million Indians have never even heard the name of Jesus
  • With 330 million objects of worship in India, Indians are looking anywhere and everywhere for salvation
  • Superstition and idol worship have an iron grip—there is no forgiveness or joy
  • In the face of such overwhelming physical & spiritual poverty, the Gospel brings power, hope, eternal life, and the way for a better life today 
  • Because India is where God is at work. Today.
  • We have few Christian workers in  allover India
  • India's people are responding eagerly to their bold witness
  • Our Pastors and our partners are sharing our vision to see "India Transformed by Christ"
  • We have large vision and we have already started our Gospel Preaching in areas in india.

How can you support Pastors?
If you would like to regularly support pastors in our Ministries, you can set us a monthly Standing Order. We can also send you information about needs currently known to us.

What to do next:

Please contact us for further information and to request Standing Order and Gift Aid forms. Write to A.G.C.M Office,

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